Patrick Design originated from the great interest in and demand for MirrorDash.
MirrorDash is a mirror that, in combination with your (old) smartphone or tablet and our web app, becomes a magic mirror, a mirror that can display information from various sources.


  • Date
  • Time
  • Weather
  • News
  • Stock market
  • Calendar
  • Sticky note
  • Pictures from Instagram and Flickr


My name is Patrick Kapar, 35 years old and working for several years as head of technical department in the glass industry.
I am responsible for the safe and proper functioning of all technical installations at multiple locations in the country.
In addition to planning, coordinating, purchasing, asset management, I also maintain the machines myself.
With a background in IT, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, I can handle any technical challenge.
In addition to my work in tech, this is also a big hobby of mine and I always work on unique ideas where technology plays a major role.